Nia Dance

Dance your way to fitness!

Movement, music, bare feet, simple steps, imagination, self-expression, power, pleasure, exhilaration, fun … this is Nia!

Nia is a fusion fitness and lifestyle practice which offers a cardio workout as well as body conditioning through the five sensations of functional fitness – Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Stability and Strength.

It blends the precision, power and grace of Martial Arts; the self-expression, fun and playfulness of the Dance Arts; as well as the body awareness of mindful movement.

Nia invites you to move with Joy and ease to feel invigorated, uplifted and centred.

Weekly evening classes in Muizenberg and Constantia. Weekly morning classes in Kirstenhof, Cape Town.

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  1. Jennifer-Ann Minogue

    I live in Muizenberg and am interested in joining a class

    • Hi Jennifer – my apologies in this LATE reply to you! Please do join the Nia class in Muizenberg. We dance every Monday at 5:30pm at Sangha Spot in Muizenberg Village. You will find a map for it’s location on the Muizenberg page of my website.

  2. Morning. Please advise cost of classes and how many classes do you have per week?

  3. Where is the kirstenhof morning class held, what day and how much. I have none of the above mentioned fitness, flexibility, agility, mobility, stability or strength but I’ve got to start somewhere!

    • Hi Janice
      I’ll email you info on the Kirstenhof morning Nia classes. Come and give it a go – every body is welcome, no matter your fitness level.
      Hope to see you on the dance floor!

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