Rave Reviews

“Gail, I could not have wished for a more gentle, encouraging, and supportive facilitator. The course was powerful, challenging, inspiring, and perspective shifting.” Anneke

“I love the self-reflection, the time to think about certain stages of my life. I loved how this course took me on a ‘virtual’ journey. The introspection made me consider things from a different angle. The most challenging part was to have to admit that my life was not necessarily a happy one but that I came out of it just the kind of person I would have wanted to be.  A powerful way to examine stages of your life.” Cammy

“An extremely well-designed process with surprises that opened up new things for me. I heard things in a new way. A new creativity was stimulated – a greater internal opening to flow.  I loved the words you used, your prompting, guidance and holding … Really really special.” Patty

“I love the warmth of the space, the safety of letting go and trusting what emerges. There was a gentleness and lightness here that was soothing and fun.” Sarah

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