Discover the artist within
Express your unique creativity
Have fun making art spontaneously
Embark on a journey of self-discovery
Discover art as an infinite source of wellness for body, mind, heart and spirit

Heart Art is a non-judgemental approach to artmaking where the creative process is the focus rather than the art product. There are no planned outcomes or expectations. You are encouraged to work spontaneously and to trust the creative process. You are invited to express yourself honestly and to honour all that is made with acceptance.

The artmaking process takes place in a space which is safe, respectful and non-judgemental. All present are encouraged to practice an attitude of total acceptance.  The facilitator ensures a nurturing and contained space for free expression.

The ethos of the studio is co-created by the group and the facilitator. A sacred space is created where honest and meaningful creative processes can take place.


  1. Hi Gail, please advise of venue tima nd costs of next course,

  2. Hello..could you please let me know when your next art course starts please?

    • Natalie! I’m so pleased you persisted in getting hold of me – it was so lovely getting to know you a little in the Creative Beginnings course. I do hope to see you again in the Heart Art space.
      x Gail

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