Heart Art

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
~ Marcel Proust


In a creative space, I would physically tense up whilst trying to paint or draw something. Immediately the pressure would be on to get it right!!  ASTAR* showed me a new way to create: with spontaneity and abandonment!   Letting go of what the end product had to look like and slipping into the pure enjoyment of working with different art materials, I was invited to Relax! Have Fun! Live a Little!

Art work created from a place of no thinking, where you are led by curiosity and wonderment, can act as a mirror – providing wisdom and insight into one’s inner world, *Awakening Spirit Through Art.

Heart Art is aimed at absolutely anyone who has the desire to explore their creative side.  You are guided through art processes that vary from class to class.  It’s a playful and experimental approach to art making which involves much mixed-media work, using a

wide variety of materials – art materials, found objects and natural materials.  As the artwork emerges, a relationship develops between the maker and the work – engaging in a dynamic process of creative conversation.  After the art process, there is a

reflection – reflecting on the process of making the artwork, noting symbols, and exploring messages and meaning.  This is where connections between Art and Life are made.

Lindy Solomon, the creator of ASTAR, describes it as a wellness practice, a gentle, self-healing process that involves body, mind, heart and sprit.


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