Team Building

Creative expression through hands-on art making processes fosters an inviting climate in which groups can access unlimited creativity and allow for innovative ideas to surface.  By bypassing the thinking, analysing mind, a channel for newness is opened, resulting in the development of fresh ideas and inspired creative thinking.

Heart in Motion workshops utilise art making processes to develop creativity, flexibility, authenticity, and non-judgement.  In the corporate environment, courses are designed to link with the client’s visions and goals, or to address gaps within the organisation.

Workshops are designed around the client’s needs – whether it be a three hour or two day workshop, at the client’s offices or an external venue.

“This workshop allowed me to work with my colleagues in a different environment that is safe and yet has allowed them to let me in ever so slightly into another aspect of who they are.  I believe that we don’t know who we work with and any deeper understanding can only be advantageous.”

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