Playshop: The Creative Void

“The ultimate creative act is to express what is most authentic and individual about you.” Eileen M. Clegg

Sometimes we hit voids in our life. Cavities of time where we may feel lost, overwhelmed, or uncertain of the ground we stand on. This playshop offered the opportunity to turn overwhelm into understanding, uncertainty into calm, pain into clarity. For it is in these unexplained states where magic lies. It is in the unknown that we can create. It is in the unseen, non-ordinary reality that dreams lie waiting to be released.

Heartfelt thanks to the beautiful gals who joined me on Saturday. Here’s some feedback from participants. Next playshop takes place 6 April 2019

“Gail crafts the most wonderful journey of exploration into oneself – a joyful, creative, soul-stirring process. Thank you.” Jillian

“An amazing time of introspection, creativity, peace and grounding.” Karin

“I have not created an artwork with so much meaning in a long time!” Marine

“Absolutely loved it! Precious time to move inwards and really feel where I’m at. A beautiful process that results in a surprisingly detailed expression of self.” Cam

“As usual you provide a very unique, safe, expansive, joyful space to tap into my inner world, my thoughts and feelings.” Joanne

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