Moving Through with Creative Juice

A glimpse into our recent weekend retreat.  31 March – 2 April 2017 at Hearth & Soul Eco Farm & Retreat Centre.

Participants’ feedback:

“Beautifully selected venue. Every part felt considered and kind. The feeling I wouldn’t be judged was so strongly emanating from both Gail and Kathy that I felt compelled and urged to share safely. I have never felt that possible … Timetable was perfect – calm, not panicked or stressful but covered more than I imagined possible.”   Amy

“Time for self. Time to explore, visit and revisit oneself. A time to pause, breathe, reflect, and make space to move through where one currently is.”  Robyn

“To translate experience, thought and feeling into movement was such a fantastic release. Ah-ha moment was Kathy telling me to lift my head – it freed my body to movement and find its alignment naturally.  Thank you.”  Catherine

“Wonderfully nurturing and transformational through art and movement with masterful teachers / guides.”  Mia

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