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Sooner or later, travelling what seems to be a circular route, I hit a speed bump of apathy and boredom. It winds me every time, and with a sense of panic, I search desperately for a light that’s going to flicker my enthusiasm and drive back on again.

I’ve been grappling with this for a while now: How to keep myself inspired in what I do.

I’m currently completing an online course called The Foundations: Five Principles and Practices for Living, Loving and Leading Well, designed and facilitated by the extremely insightful Jolina Karen.  One of the modules is on defining your hierarchy of values.  My ears pricked up when Jo said the following:

Your vision must be in line with your value system in order for it to be inspiring to you.   

So, in order to be inspired, I need to have a vision. In order to have a vision, I need to know my values.

Values are the set of beliefs you have on what is most important to you.  Surprisingly, it is estimated that over 95% of the human population do not know their real values. One of the reasons for this is that we follow someone else’s ideas on what we’re supposed to value in life. It may feel safer to conform, rather than risk alienation or rejection by living a different belief.

Identifying your highest values is actually a very simple exercise in observing your actions. Your life is currently demonstrating your values. But without conscious knowledge and an infrastructure with which to work, we may misdiagnose what is most important to us. And by not knowing what’s truly important to us, we may fumble about unnecessarily, battling to create visions that pull us forward, batting to keep the flame of inspiration burning.

On Saturday 20 January, I will be facilitating a Creative Playshop on how to determine your hierarchy of values in order to create a vision that will inspire you into 2018.

Please join me.

X Gail

For more information on The Foundations programme, click here.

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