James Brown rocks!

Our bodies are designed to be a strong ally in our lives.  But like a growing child, our body needs attention and nurturing.  If unloved or uncared for, it’s only natural that it will start to hurt more, feel less, and get sick.

What helps is to engage in a regular practice where we pay attention to our body, to our breath, to its movements.  Physical sensations running though the body as we move provide great insight into our thoughts and feelings.

Through Awareness we find Health.  By paying attention to our bodies we develop self-respect (we change our body position when it’s getting uncomfortable; we take action to do something for ourselves, to move from discomfort to comfort).  Paying greater attention and eliciting self-care and self-respect for our bodies, can invite more energy and meaning into our lives.

Inviting greater self-awareness and attention to your body has an immensely positive ripple effect, impacting on so many levels.  So do something for your body today: be it two minutes of eyes shut and focusing on your breath.  Be with your body, and start to listen to it.

And remember, “the one thing that can solve most of our problems is DANCE!”  James Brown

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