Heart Art: Goddesses in Every Woman

26/27 July – 13/14 September 2017

An exploration of seven goddess archetypes through intuitive art-making processes. No art experience required.

From the foreword to the book (written by Gloria Steinem):

“I would like to invite you into this book, especially if you are one of those readers who might be, as I was, resistant to its theme.  After all, how can mythological goddesses from a patriarchal past help us to analyze our current realities or reach an egalitarian future?  

 (…) It was the explanation of the individual goddesses themselves that not only put my worries to rest, but opened new paths to understanding. For one thing, there are seven complex archetypes to examine and combine in various ways, and each has within herself myriad variations. They take us far beyond the simpleminded dichotomy of virgin/whore, mother/lover that afflicts women in patriarchies.

Yes, there are goddesses who identify themselves entirely by their relationship to a powerful man—after all, they lived under patriarchy, as do we—but they also show their power, whether by subterfuge or openly. And there are also models of autonomy that take many forms, from sexual and intellectual to political and spiritual. Most unusual, there are examples of women rescuing and bonding with each other.

Second, these complex archetypes can be combined and called upon according to the needs of a woman’s situation or the undeveloped part of herself. If a glimpse in the media of a female role model can have such important impact on the lives of women, how much more profound might be the activating and calling forth of an archetype within her?

Finally, there is no instruction to stereotype or limit ourselves to one goddess or even several. Together, they make up the full circle of human qualities. Indeed, each of these arose from the fragmentation of the one goddess, Great Goddess, the whole female human being who once lived in prepatriarchal times—at least in religion and imagination. Perhaps then, as now, imagining wholeness was the first step to realizing it.”

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