Heart Art: Ripple Effects

There is a lineage that longs for your liberation. They want you to be free and brave and untethered to old stories and old wounds. They have walked this earth before you, clearing the undergrowth along the path so that you can walk strong and tall and courageous. They have been your teachers, your spiritual guides, your nurturers, and your healers. You might not know it yet, but they are there, waiting for you to succeed. They want you to do your good work, because they believed in this work before you were here and they know its value in the world.

I love this excerpt by Heather Plett (www.heatherplett.com). It was the inspiration for RIPPLE’s lesson plan on our lineage and ancestry, and the ripple effects that have filtered down through our bloodlines.

If we consider those who lived before us, and that the life of the past nourishes and shapes our present, we may glean better insight into understanding and fulfilling our life’s purpose. And as it is clay (not water) that some surmise to be the birthplace of all life on Earth – the existential beginning of our lineage – there was no better medium to commence this creative exploration.

“The question we must ask ourselves isn’t, will I make a difference in the world? The real question is, what kind of difference will it be?”

Once we accept that what we do and what we say matters, there comes responsibility. As Dennis Merritt Jones implies above, whether we choose to or not, each and everyone of us impacts the world. We don’t always realise what ripple effect we have on others, but it is virtually impossible to go through life without making a difference – whether perceived as positive or negative – to someone or something else.

Heart Art’s course RIPPLE takes students along a personal, creative journey of considering the ripple effects in their lives – those caused by others (through our lineage, our upbringing, our past), to the ripples that we cast into the world through our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Each week’s ‘chapter’ is explored through an intuitive art-making process that aims to bypass the linear, thinking mind and allow the student to drop into the softer, subconscious realm, accessing a deeper, felt sense of self knowledge.

“I am humbled and amazed at how our inner wisdom speaks to us through our art. It’s there all the time but without giving ourselves permission to be quiet and listen, it’s almost impossible to hear.” student J. Karen

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