Gail Schoeman

Astar trained facilitator & Nia White Belt instructor
Heart in Motion movement & creativity facilitation

+27 21 701 7374 . +27 83 272 3421


Skype: gail.walmsley13


  1. Hi Gail
    I was just googling for Nia classes in my area, and I found your website. I am really interested in your heart art course. I am an Occupational Therapist and have always been interested in the therapeutic and healing use of art. I do some oil painting, water colour and mosaic making for fun, and would love to explore the use of art for self development too. I see your term 4 starts on the 14th of October. Is there space for me to attend on the Wednesday mornings?

    Best wishes

    Beccy Edwards

  2. please place me on your mailing list if you have one (cannot find where to do that). I would have loved to do the Totem workshops but I only just received your page from our friend Denise Marine. Well maybe another time.

    • Hello Maisie – thank you for making contact. Denise has been wanting to hook both of us up for some time 🙂 I will most certainly put you on my mailing list … and there is a possibility that I’ll offer the Totem Animal workshops again in the near future, so watch this space. X Gail

  3. Hi – a friend and I would like to try your class in Constantia this week.
    Would that be ok?

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