Connect to your life loving self

Did you know that there’s a scientific reason why when we sing in the shower, we sound so fabulous?! It’s all to do with resonance. The pure notes we emit are resonated in a shower cubicle, while our uh, less harmonious notes are dampened!

Its a little like life – when we say or hear something that feels so pure in its truth, it resonates through us. When we try to convince ourselves of something less than truthful, it falls flat. That’s our inner wisdom at work.

The space to listen.

One of the keys here is in the listening. Current lifestyle and pace of living sadly diminishes our opportunities to truly hear and take heed of our inner voice. The other component is the cubicle – the space for you to step into and hold whatever wants to be sounded. When we take time to hear ourselves, we can identify what authentically resonates and what doesn’t.

This is needed in order to make sound decisions in life.

As we come to the end of the year, now is a good time to step into a space where you can assess what makes your cells truly hum and your being come alive. We are meant to shine. We have voices that are meant to be heard. We are meant to live a resonant life.

RESONANCE – a weekend retreat – invites you to explore what is authentically resonating in your life, and how to stay consistently in-tune with its frequency. Come and find your soul voice, and connect to your life-loving shower diva! More info here.

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