a poem

I received a drop of delight in my In Box yesterday: a poem written by Leigh, a self-professed Heart Art/ASTAR junkie and dear friend of mine.  She was happy for me to share her writing with you:

An ASTAR workshop with Gail, what a treat.

A chance to stretch out in your seat.

Engage in a process with a different beat.

Swaying meditation, eyes closed,

Feel the ground beneath your toes.

Visualization, a source of fun and inspiration.

Images from magazines, crinkled and crackled with acetone.

Rich, full silence, switch off that phone.

Focus on your breathing, connecting and reflecting

Embracing and accepting, no limiting or rejecting.

Silencing the negative voice, making another choice.

A space to be, alone, and with others, held but free.

A few sacred hours,

Feeling  yearnings and desires.

Empty yourself of all that is draining,

In a safe place, creatively energizing but deeply containing.

Meeting other, extraordinary women, from different life stages

Becoming part of their narratives, like gently held pages.

This is ASTAR awakening the spirit through art, and we all should take part.

Holding and unfolding, the heart in motion

It’s a powerful alchemy and healing potion.

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