Heart in Motion is a practice in awareness; a witnessing of body, mind, heart and spirit. Through the mediums of art, dance, writing, visualisation and reflection our internal landscape may be revealed – offering up insights that, without paying attention, can so easily go unnoticed or unheard.  Through creativity and movement, you are offered the opportunity to tune in and acknowledge YOU in your entirety.  At the heart of this work is acceptance of all that is.

As you dance, you are invited to connect to feelings and sensations running through you.  You are encouraged to get in touch with your individuality, developing a relationship with YOUR inner and outer worlds.  Observing without judgement and turning off any critical inner dialogue gives you permission to move with freedom, seeking pleasure and health.

Similarly, in the art studio, by tuning out of self-criticisms or restrictions you may have placed on your creative abilities, you open the door to incredible opportunity and wonder.  Creating with spontaneity, letting go of any preciousness for the end product and staying in the moment allows for the unconscious to rise, for the intuitive to be heard, for the mind’s chatter to still and the heart to stir.

So join me!  Make the time!  Set aside a few hours a week to reconnect with You.  Come and dance!  Come and create! Set your Heart in Motion!

Gail Schoeman, Movement & Creative Process Facilitator

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